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Visual artist Wade Kavanaugh with new work in Heinz Studio.
Visual artist Wade Kavanaugh with new work in Heinz Studio.

Application FAQs

To learn more about the application process, please scroll over the questions below. If you require further clarification on the application process, please e-mail the Admissions department or contact us by phone at 603-924-3886.

What is The MacDowell Colony?
What is a MacDowell Fellowship?
Who is eligible to apply?
Can international artists apply?
Is the Colony open year-round?
What is the cost of a residency?
Is financial aid available?
How long is a residency?
Is there a minimum length of stay?
How often am I allowed to apply?
Do I need to reapply if I am a Colony Fellow?
Am I allowed to defer my residency?
Does MacDowell offer residencies for emergencies, such as a publishing deadline?
Do you allow collaborators to apply to The MacDowell Colony?
May I apply with my spouse?
May I bring my partner, child, or pet with me to the Colony?

Regarding the application:

How do I apply? What does the application include?
When are the application deadlines?
How early may I apply for a residency?
If I miss the application deadline may I request to be placed on the waiting list?
How do I know if MacDowell has received my submitted application?
My work falls into more than one discipline. May I apply in more than one?
Do I have to pick a sub-discipline?
What are you looking for in the box titled “Project Description”?
I donít have professional documentation or training. Should I bother to apply?
I donít know a well-known or established artist to use as a referee. Whom should I ask?
Iíve applied before. Do I still have a letter of reference on file?
When will I be notified of the result of my application?

Regarding work samples:

Do I need to mail in work samples?
What are the work sample requirements for applying to the Colony?

Regarding the selection process:

How many artists apply to MacDowell each year and how many are accepted?
Who reviews my application?
How often do the admissions panels change?
Iíve applied before and was not offered a residency. How can I make my application stronger?